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  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: The Prestige Premium Car Duster and Dash Duster allows you to extend the time between cleaning your car, saving you time and money every week!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Risk free! Enjoy the peace of mind that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your car duster, return it within 30 days for a full refund.
  • QUICK AND EASY: Cleaning your car has never been easier! With the telescoping handle of the car duster you can clean those hard to reach places such as the roof or hood of your car in seconds!
  • ONE SWEEP AND YOU’RE DONE: Pick up dirt, dust and pollen with no swirl marks left behind in just one sweep
  • CONFIDENCE OF OWNING A PREMIUM CAR DUSTER: Don’t take our word for it! Check out our customer reviews!
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Full Size
Exterior Duster 31″/ Interior 15″
Shipping Weight
1.1 pounds
Shipping Dimensions
22.1 x 4.9 x 4.8 inches
Lifetime Warranty

The Benefits

Lasts for years
Extends up to 31″
Reach any part of your car with little effort
Dash Duster Fits anywhere
Easy storage in your glove compartment or saddle bag
Eco friendly
No more disposable wipes, use your dusters over and over again
Save on the set!
Get the set for less than buying both dusters individually
Reviews (36)


  1. Steven M

    The duster worked beautifully on my Audi S3. I live in the Phoenix area. This place is ‘dust central’, and your car will get very dusty long before it gets ‘dirty’. The extendable handle is useful for taller cars like my wife’s Q3. That said, you need to be careful around crevices and corners, because the individual strands pull out easily.

  2. smokey

    Great item looking forward to doing business again soon

  3. KEN G

    Works great at getting the dust off your car

  4. Sherry Lawson

    Very good quality and made my car shine. I think this will really extend time between washes!

  5. Roger Saxton

    Nice quality & solid results. I will get a lot of use from this….thank you.

  6. Sonic DJ

    Great duster. I use this duster on my 97 Black Mazda Miata, and it keeps it looking like new! You know what black cars look like during the pollen season! I keep the duster in the trunk and whip it out when ever I need it. It comes with a handy heavy duty plastic storage bag with a string tie to keep it clean when not in use. Works great on the interior as well. The static cling works fantastic in collecting the dust on the duster and not just pushing the dust around. It has a handy telescoping handle to aid in reaching every spot and the duster itself does not have any gooey residue or wax just plain old science, static cling.


    So far, this does a good job. Don’t try to use this on the exterior if the there is any moisture there. On dry….it works well!

  8. aloha!!!!

    As promise ,works perfect,highly recommended,would buy again from this seller.

  9. Erika P. Lapham

    This duster is much better than the waxy California Duster which leaves streaks. The telescoping handle makes reaching across our wide Corvettes without leaning into the Vettes very easy. We will probably buy another so we can have one to leave at home and one to take on the road.

  10. Swertladynaz

    Works beautifully on my black car! No lint.

  11. Rita F. Purser

    Just recently received the duster and only tried it on the black roof of my ’55 Ford that gets dusty sitting in the shop. I was impressed at the finish after the duster went over it.

  12. John

    Excellent! Works great. I live on dirt road, so lots of dust in the summer. Easily removed the dust from my black car.

  13. Picky

    Works good. Happy with all sided function. No streaks. Not sure if it is scratching but using it anyway. Good for touching up a fairly clean car. Some say you should not wipe dust dry as it will scratch but a lot of others use these so I am risking it.

  14. Mikespeak

    This is a great product. Removes dust and light dirt with ease and without the streaking of the other duster.

  15. Edward Neilander

    Great product, much better than my old duster and the longer adjustable handle makes it that much easier to use.

  16. YosemiteSam

    A fantastic product which lives up to its promised expectations. Delivered quite promptly and I would recommend this product
    to those of my friends who have an interest in keeping their vehicles looking pristine.

  17. Richard Huskins

    I like it so far. The telescopic handle is a plus. Be interested to see how it holds up.

  18. Brenda Hottenstein

    We bought one for our ’55 Chevy & liked it so much we bought another one for the ’67 Chevelle. Works better than the California car duster.

  19. Tom

    Excellent product, does the trick on our new ‘Vette when it just needs a touch up for light dust.

  20. James Gragg

    Works great leaves no lint and no dust on my truck. You can wash it. And like the way the handle locks out in extended position.

  21. Holly Heart

    I love this product!! I bought it because I just bought a 2015 Nissan Altima.l! My first new car only had 35 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. So with that being said I course needed a duster, as I live in an apt with a carport. It has really saved me! Especially after a wax. The dust just falls off. No fuss no muss… I would def recommend this product.

  22. Richard Failla

    Love my Ultra premium car duster. Works well thank you.

  23. Stephen Hanks

    The duster does an excellent job at removing all the LA dust from my car! I have had to clean it once since I have had it and it was simple with the cleaning and care instructions provided. If your looking for a well made car duster, this is it!

  24. M. V. Hinton

    They work amazing. I have newly painted Porsche classic that is black. It removes the dust without any scratching. Thanks for a great product

  25. Maj Daniel A. Alvarez

    Duster is just the right size to keep in your door pocket and keep your dash clean at a moment’s notice like waiting at a light.

  26. Dave

    100% satisfied with the service and the product! Everyone needs one of these!

  27. Ken Bernardin

    This thing works great on the dash of my truck. I would recommend this duster.

  28. Niel E. Armstrong

    Great product! Super soft and doesn’t harm or scratch the finish of your vehicle. Great handle extension. Solid and well made. Highly recommend Prestige as the Seller too.

  29. James R Hunt

    Car duster and dash duster work great. I have a dark colored car with a dark interior and need products like this to keep them in tip top shape.

  30. Darin E. McLeish

    Works great. Worth the expense to extend the time between washes for my really black car.

  31. bruce k.

    Works very well and like the telescoping handle

  32. Grant Griffin

    works as described, good item

  33. elle

    Great, fast service! Prestige Auto Care makes a terrific product and represents it with honesty. It cleaned my Camry exterior, no water needed.

  34. Brad

    Works great. We live in a very dusty area and this duster lets us go another couple of weeks between car washes. We have a black car it this doesn’t streak the car. Great investment!

  35. Vivian L.

    Love, love, love this duster. I’m 5 feet tall so the extendable feature makes it super easy to get to the roof of my car. Had it for about 2 months and always keep it in my trunk for some quick dusting.

  36. Sam C.

    Works great! I’ve never owned a car duster as I’ve never had a sparkly new car before. In the garage it just gets dusty. The duster instantly removes the dust without streaking or scratching…. nice!

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