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Original California Car Duster for Cleaning Cars as well as Others vehicles and Products Home Wax Treated Brush Tool New by Prestige Auto Care

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Original California Car Cleaning Products Duster Home Wax Treated Brush Tool by Prestige Auto Care

The Original California Car Duster literally works like magic. It utilizes the confirmed generation of baking a unique paraffin wax into one hundred percent cotton strands to guarantee that dust is lifted and eliminated, now not simply driven round. The Original California Car Duster offers motors the appearance of looking just washed. The conventional, traditional handle, and heavy duty mop-head favored via car display entrants and lovers.
  • · Don't just pass dirt, get rid of it
  • · Compact, lightweight and easy to apply
  • · Won't scratch paint
  • · Reduces range of car washing
  • · Comes with reachable sporting case
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