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Car Duster - Ultimate -The Best Microfiber Multipurpose Duster - Pollen Removing - Exterior or Interior Use - Lint Free - Long and Unbreakable Extendable Strong Handle-by Prestige Auto Care

The Features of the Products
This 100% cotton strand duster cleans and dusts. Cleans vehicles, vehicles, trucks and boats without water.
The strand fibers are beaded with a paraffin wax now not a petrol based chemical like other dusters. It lightly lifts pollen and dust away from the finish and is assured never to scratch. The Prestige Auto Care California Car Duster comes entire with a garage pouch. What makes the Prestige Auto Care California Car Duster paintings so amazingly properly is the unique blend of a permanently baked in paraffin treatment, that's fused to the 100% cotton strands of the mop head. This confirmed technology has a magnetic best, which draws and holds dirt and particulate, like lint and small dust debris, extracting them from your automotive surfaces. This substantially reduces the variety of washings you want to carry out to keep your car looking freshly washed. One of the first-class functions of the Prestige Auto Care California Car Duster is its versatility... Due to the fact it could accurately be used on any car floor. Windows, windshields, and exterior paint. It gets rid of dirt without ever being abrasive. It is absolutely safe for all finishes, the fibers will by no means scratch the paint. Prestige Auto Care California Car Duster is compact, light-weight, easy to apply, and springs with its very own wearing/garage case! Caring to your duster is straightforward clearly shake out the duster before and after each use.

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