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A mild and effective cleaning device for paint surfaces

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The procedure used to make this product one-of-a-kind from different dusters is specific and notable. Paraffin wax is lined onto the a hundred% cotton strands of the mop head, which makes dust, dirt, pollen, and lint stick inside the strands. Instead of just shifting these debris around, you're truely lifting and eliminating them. To easy the duster and put together it for another use, virtually shake the mop head and also you’re geared up to move.

Speed and Efficiency. Sometimes you're on the cross and don’t have time to element your car as very well as you would really like. This product is notable for such instances, as you'll be capable of quickly run the duster over the surface, and watch particles magically lifted and eliminated. Your automobile might be left with a polished look a good way to make humans suppose you spent hours bringing out the glistening shine and luster. This can even assist reduce the wide variety of automobile washings, which once more, will prevent money and time. Considered a need inside the Southern States, The Original California Car Duster is the exceptional duster for picking up pollen that accumulates on motors.
Classic style units it aside. There is nothing cheap about the manner this duster is synthetic. From the herbal, became wooden deal with to the best cotton strands within the mop head, this product is a tour de pressure in dusting. The manage is a generous 26” lengthy, and when you maintain it you will understand why we name this product a legend. It lets in for a sturdy grip, yet places little strain on palms or fingers. The long lasting mop head is overstuffed with thick, cotton strands that pick out up anything that comes their way. Together those materials make dusting effective and exciting.

No Scratches or Damage. Other duster agencies use harsh chemical substances on their mop heads and rags. Sometimes you don’t realize the harm these can do on your car’s surface till you’ve already used them. Why take that danger? The Original California Duster is secure and non-abrasive, as the cotton threads are tender and mild on all surfaces. You may also keep money and time while not having the want to replace mop heads or different parts. This product is safe on all surfaces, and we suggest it for clear coat finishes.

Compact and Lightweight. The Original California Duster fits without difficulty into the trunk of your automobile, and can be saved in the carrying case supplied. It is definitely effortless to smooth your car’s floor, because the duster is lightweight and smooth to preserve.

Versatility. We’ve referred to vehicles, vehicles, and boats that benefit from the use of The Original California Car Duster. It also is a beneficial family dusting device. Our customers use their dusters within the garage to clean equipment and shelving. Indoor uses consist of fixtures, window treatments, and home equipment.
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