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5 Ways to Make Your Car Cleaner Then It's Ever Been

1. Streaky windshield? Wipe down your windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol.

Your windshield is on the front line when it comes to accumulating gunk. Whether you're driving through LA smog on the daily, driving through a swarm of bugs, or going on an impromptu off-roading joyride (I'm guilty of all of the above), your windshield gets dirty, and fast. Not only does this look terrible (mmm, bug guts!) you also, well, won't be able to see. My simple fix? Stock up on some rubbing alcohol and an old rag and make it a habit of giving your wipers a bath.

2. Surface scratches? You need a compounding agent.

It's a no-brainer: You're pretty much guaranteed to end up with some mystery scratches on your car at some point, no matter how careful you are. You can do everything humanly possible to keeping your car looking pristine, but when your friend takes your car for a "quick trip" and ends up plowing through someone's bushes (also a true story), your poor baby is going to get a little scratched up. Luckily, a handy product called compound exists, and can fix these boo-boo's in no time. Snag yourself some compound and an old rag, and gently rub over the scratches in a circular motion before calling your auto body shop. You'll end up saving yourself a nice chunk of change.

3. Use a Magic Eraser to scrub off pretty much anything.

Whether your toddler decided to chuck her ice cream cone on your car floor, your full cup of coffee emptied out in your cup-holder on your Monday morning commute or anything else in between, the Magic Eraser is your new best friend. A simple internet search will show you where to get one, and as a bonus, it will also remove the haze from your headlights. You can use the Magic Eraser on any plastic interior or exterior surface, but be sure to avoid any painted surface, as its abrasive surface will cause damage.

Car Duster - Car Wash Sponge

4. Grill full of bugs? You need dryer sheets.

We've all been there. One minute you're coasting down the street on your merry way and before you know it, you're driving through a swarm of gnats. Gross. Luckily all it takes is a strong stomach and a few dryer sheets soaked in warm water to remove the evidence.

5. Keep your car squeaky clean in between washes.

If your love for your car is anything like mine, you're on top of giving it a bath. I'm guilty of going at least once, if not twice a week (or at least, I was)! And, if your love for cars is anything like mine, you also know that letting dirt and dust settle on your car for long periods of time means that it will eventually sink into the clear coat and cause irreversible damage. My solution? Use your new car duster every few days to quickly remove any dirt and dust buildup from your car's exterior.


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August 16, 2017 by Bhavesh Parmar

What to do after an accident

What to do after an coincidence

If you're in an accident, first ensure nobody inside the vehicle is injured. Next, address the passengers inside the other car, pedestrians and everyone else close by to ensure they’re OK. Then do those 5 things:

Stay on the scene. Leaving can result in prison results, like fines or extra violations.
Call 911 or the neighborhood police immediately. They'll dispatch an officer and scientific employees to the scene of the accident. Once the police officers arrive, anticipate them to finish an coincidence document.
If you're on a hectic toll road, stay inside the automobile and watch for the police or an ambulance. It's risky if passengers stand along a expressway or other road with masses of visitors.
Don't get into a controversy or a combat with the opposite driving force. Simply exchange touch and insurance statistics. If possible, also get the name and make contact with numbers of witnesses.
Call your coverage provider to report the declare. Your agent will ask you for any paperwork you get hold of approximately the accident, and will give you critical statistics on getting your automobile constant.

Caution! Driving recommendations to avoid accidents

car duster driver driving tips
When you’re behind the wheel of a car, with or without passengers, you should always practice safe driving. We’re more distracted than ever, so it’s critical to recognize the basics of safe driving and exercise them each time you’re on the road. Here are some safe using recommendations:

Top 4 riding safety hints
1. Focus  100% of your attention on driving at all times – no multi-tasking.
Don’t use your phone or another electronic device while riding.
Slow down. Speeding offers you much less time to react and will increase the severity of an coincidence.
2. Drive “defensively”
Be privy to what other drivers round you are doing, and assume the unexpected.
Assume different motorists will do something crazy, and usually be prepared to keep away from it.
Keep a 2-second cushion among you and the car in front of you.
Make that 4 seconds if the climate is awful.
Three. Plan beforehand
Build time into your experience agenda to stop for meals, relaxation breaks, phone calls or other commercial enterprise.
Adjust your seat, mirrors and climate controls earlier than putting the auto in equipment.
Pull over to eat or drink. It takes just a few mins.
4. Practice safety
Secure shipment which could flow around at the same time as the vehicle is in motion.
Don’t try and retrieve gadgets that fall to the ground.
Have objects wished within clean attain – along with toll charges, toll playing cards and storage passes.
Always wear your seat belt and pressure sober and drug-free.
More using protection hints from Nationwide
Don't allow children to fight or climb around for your car – they ought to be buckled of their seats always. Too lots noise can without difficulty distract you from attention on the street.
Avoid riding whilst you're worn-out. Be conscious that some medicines cause drowsiness and make operating a vehicle very risky. Learn more approximately drowsy driving.
Always use warning while converting lanes. Cutting in the front of someone, changing lanes too speedy or no longer the use of your alerts may purpose an twist of fate or dissatisfied other drivers.
Be more cautious even as riding throughout deer season.

Car Duster - Interior Microfiber Duster , 12 inch Detailing Dust Brush, Better Than The California Mini Duster

CAPTURES DUST SUPERBLY -  microfiber thread, largest dust head among its type
PRO DETAILER CHOICE - Hundreds professional detailers have chosen our microfiber to be the best
EASY STORAGE - Perfect length with sealable case for garage in any vicinity interior your vehicle
COMFY GRIP - Unlike reasonably-priced plastic mould that simply hurts your arms, it has smooth soft grip.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We promise a WOW experience. If now not, 100% full refund at any time!

Better Than The California Car Duster-The Original California Car Duster

Unlike above, our duster has no permanent baked-in wax, and leaves no residue
Antibacterial, no need to wash
Included carrying case hels your Prestige Duster lasts for numerous years
Extra gentle, excessive high-quality and dense fibres
Cleans the complete vehicle in minutes without water

Car Duster - By Prestige Auto Care - Better Than The California Duster

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The Original California Car Duster. Suddenly automobile enthusiasts anywhere were getting rid of chemical cleaners, and switching to this duster, that eliminated dust and dust the with out scratching the surface. There isn't any need to speak approximately this product in past traumatic though. People are nonetheless flocking to our site to shop for this innovative dusting tool. They join heaps of thrilled customers who have cut cleansing time and removed the risk of doing damage to their vehicle, truck, or boat by way of the usage of imitations.

The Original California Car Duster
The system used to make this product unique from other dusters is specific and incredible. Paraffin wax is lined onto the 100% cotton strands of the mop head, which makes dirt, dirt, pollen, and lint stick within the strands. Instead of just moving those debris round, you are honestly lifting and getting rid of them. To easy the duster and prepare it for any other use, truly shake the mop head and you’re prepared to go.
Speed and Efficiency. Sometimes you are on the move and don’t have time to detail your car as very well as you would like. This product is incredible for such instances, as you may be able to fast run the duster over the surface, and watch particles magically lifted and eliminated. Your vehicle could be left with a sophisticated look with a purpose to make human beings assume you spent hours bringing out the glistening shine and luster. This may also help lessen the quantity of automobile washings, which once more, will prevent money and time. Considered a necessity within the Southern States, The Original California Car Duster is the first-rate duster for picking up pollen that accumulates on automobiles.

Classic style sets it aside. There is not anything cheap approximately the way this duster is synthetic. From the herbal, turned timber take care of to the high-quality cotton strands inside the mop head, this product is a tour de pressure in dusting. The take care of is a beneficiant 26” lengthy, and when you hold it you'll recognize why we name this product a legend. It permits for a robust grip, but places little strain on fingers or arms. The long lasting mop head is overstuffed with thick, cotton strands that select up some thing that comes their way. Together those materials make dusting powerful and enjoyable.

No Scratches or Damage. Other duster companies use harsh chemical substances on their mop heads and rags. Sometimes you don’t understand the harm these can do on your automobile’s surface until you’ve already used them. Why take that danger? The Original California Duster is secure and non-abrasive, as the cotton threads are tender and mild on all surfaces. You will even shop money and time without having the need to replace mop heads or other elements. This product is safe on all surfaces, and we endorse it for clear coat finishes.

Compact and Lightweight. The Original California Duster fits easily into the trunk of your automobile, and can be saved within the wearing case supplied. It is really easy to smooth your vehicle’s floor, because the duster is lightweight and easy to keep.

Versatility. We’ve referred to vehicles, vehicles, and boats that gain from the use of The Original California Car Duster. It also is a beneficial family dusting device. Our clients use their dusters in the garage to clean machinery and shelving. Indoor uses encompass furniture, window remedies, and appliances.
For exterior cleaning and indoors cleaning, you may need to bear in mind our California Duster Combo, which includes The Original California Duster and The Original California Dash Duster.

Care and Cleaning: The California Car Dusters work satisfactory after they’re dirty. Just shake them out earlier than and after each use. Should your duster ever grow to be so dirty that it requires an actual cleansing, simply wash it in cold water with a moderate detergent (like Woolite) and permit it air dry.

Car Duster- Wheel Cleaner - Wheel Well -With Long Handle - Car Duster-Prestigeautocare

Non-slip comfort grip
Protective rubberized bumper
Soft, mild bristles reach tight spots
Ideal for cleansing wheels, fenders, and bumpers
Extra long handle

 Car Duster- Prestige Auto Care California

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Our duster is better than the California Duster above!

Won't scratch finish
Don't just pass dirt--cast off it
No need to apply spray waxes, and so on
Effectively "lifts" dust with one pass
Safe and non-toxic

No residue left behind!

Car Duster_Ultimate - The Best Microfiber Multipurpose Duster - Pollen Removing - Exterior or Interior Use - Lint Free - Long Unbreakable Extendable Handle

Introducing The Ultimate Car Duster - Multipurpose Microfiber Duster Better than Relentless Drive!

The Only Duster You Will Ever Need!

- The biggest dusting head on the market cuts your cleansing time in 1/2 even as supplying a showroom pleasant appearance.

- Professional Quality! It won't go away behind lint or residue just like the red one from California!

- No cheap plastic or wooden take care of to interrupt off!

- Unbreakable metal take care of extends that will help you get to the difficult to reach areas, up to twenty-eight half of inches!

- Electrostatic microfiber chenille makes certain dirt or pollen would not get left behind!

- Use it on your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, SUV, RV or Boat!

- It works super inside the residence too! Use it on any surface!

- Includes storage bag to increase the existence of the duster!

- one hundred% Satisfaction Guarantee!

This isn't a few feather duster, this is a heavy responsibility piece of device. It does not have a wood or plastic manage which could easily destroy. When you expand the metal deal with and it locks into vicinity you may know you are using one of the maximum nice dusters available. If you disagree return it for a one hundred% refund, No Questions Asked!